Kroger – National Program


Kroger – National Program

Kroger is the nation’s largest grocery retailer and spans many states with store formats that include grocery and multi-department stores, convenience stores and mall jewelry stores. They operate under nearly two dozen highly recognized banners in many states. These include Ralphs, King Soopers, City Market, Dillons, Smith’s, Fry’s, QFC, Baker’s, Owen’s, JayC, Hilander, Gerbes, PayLess, Food4Less, Foods Co., Fred Meyer, Fry’s Marketplace, Smith’s Marketplace, Kroger Marketplace, TurkeyHill, KwikShop, Loaf’NJug, QuickStop and TomThumb. All of them share the same belief in strong local ties and brand loyalty with their customers and Morgan & Sampson USA is there to help facilitate this belief.

Morgan & Sampson USA utilizes the following opportunities to help increase your business:

Team Support
We coordinate your programs nationally to the Kroger affiliates and Kroger divisions to ensure full representation at all levels of business. Recent and ongoing changes and buying decisions require up-to-the-moment communication and follow through. Morgan & Sampson’s national coverage is dedicated to achieving this objective.

Retail Support
We work closely with the third-party reset companies to ensure compliance in getting your items set within the stores they are approved for. All merchandisers used to this end are specifically approved by Kroger Corporate and their affiliates.

Item Review
Given the wide breadth of store banners, sizes and layouts, many SKU’s are not in all these variety of stores. Morgan & Sampson USA makes it a point to expand distribution of all successful products to as many divisions, banners and outlets as possible.

New Item Reviews
We provide you accurate information on all costs involved with new item presentations. We have online capability of all new item and Kroger Co. paperwork.

VendorNet Information
As your representative we can access point of sale information to maximize sales potential and capitalize on peak selling periods for your line of product category.

Deduction and Reclamation
As your Kroger representative, we communicate directly with each reclamation center and warehouse on any issue.

Divisional Sales
For programs needing divisional and banner detailing, we communicate with each to ensure execution. This is of particular importance concerning seasonal and import business.