Customer Service


MeetingMorgan & Sampson USA’s operation department is manned by a technical and customer service staff that is both knowledgeable and courteous. This seasoned group of men and women brings to the company a combined total of over 100 years of customer service experience and excellence.

Each customer service specialist possesses an in-depth knowledge of his/her manufacturers and customers, and works closely with both to provide detailed information concerning order entry, shipments, order tracking, invoicing, returns, pricing discrepancies, special promotions, and all other facets of the order placement and fulfillment procedure.

Customer service representatives in our regional offices work closely with sales personnel to provide administrative support, and communicate on a daily basis with our corporate headquarters to ensure accurate and current sales data.

We remain committed to accuracy, efficiency, and stability and, as such, we maintain our own in-house Information Technology staff. We have continued to stay in the forefront of technology that not only fuels business growth, but also maintains compatibility with a wide array of solutions used by today’s business community. This allows us to work with the widest range of business systems and, at times, act as a facilitator between manufacturers and customers who possess systems which are unable to communicate with each other.

Our data is managed and accessed utilizing Structured Query Language (SQL), which gives us powerful database capabilities for extensive data-mining, generation of customized reporting, and the ability to link to countless other data sources worldwide, all on a platform that is considered one of the most secure and stable of its kind.

We have continued to utilize EDI solutions that remain both flexible and powerful in their capabilities. Using eBRIDGE software for our communications allows us to eliminate the need for many instances of manual data entry, and allows us to quickly achieve compliance with our EDI trading partners.